The Lurker 
Profession: ex-bum, playboy. 
Age: Unknown. 
Born: Haven City slums, lurker wing.
Education: known Fears: everything
Favorite band: never heard one.
Demeanor: ? unknown.

Barns Guard 
Profession: ex Haven City guard, Body guard.
Age: 28 
Hair: unknown. 
Born: outside haven city walls.
Education: Military school.
Fears: Nothing, (silicon pink spiders).
Favorite band: Krudy and the Blowfish.

Demeanor: a man of few words, highly board with life and with nothing else to really live for, left behind by a world filled to brim with crap. he is the underground man, always in his own thoughts with no way to express them.

Ashelin Praxis Profession: ex-Captain of the Haven City guard, sex slave. 
Lives: Haven city 
Age: 24.
Hair: red.
Born: Haven City. 
Education: Royal education: civility, and war. 
Fears: unknown.
Favorite band: unknown.
Demeanor: hot tempered, A well tuned seance of right and wrong, An experience soldier.